Waterbalance app helps people to calculate their daily water intake, control and maintain water level in their body.

Initially the app was launched in 2012 and since that time it has more than 6 mln installs all over the world.

In 2018 it was decided to make the app even better and IDS Borjomi contacted Rosberry to take on this complex task. That was a real challenge - we had to take a popular app and improve it in such a way that the users who had been using for many years, could positively accept the changes and enhancements and the new users could be enthused and stay for long.

We took a fresh look at the UI/UX design and made adding a drink even simpler for a user to do it quicker and on a regular basis during the day. Moreover, we designed the app in such a way that now it is conducive to even more updates and enhancements.
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