Filmm - a video editing app inspired by the 70s. Its user-friendly interface offers a great set of tools to edit videos as well as a huge library of professional colour-grading filters and authentic light effects, film scans + distortions, vintage camera textures and a lot more. Automatic generation of presets is also there to be applied to new video clips.

On exporting, videos can be saved in full or cut into stories 15 seconds long. Also you can share a video to any of the popular social networks. The app allows to work both with videos and photos which are converted to a 5-second video clip on exporting.

Filmm was released to the App Store worldwide on May 9, 2019 and was downloaded more than 150 000 times during the first couple of days. It was featured in more than 11 countries all over the world.

New features and enhancements are on the way: adding multiple clips, music, etc. So Rosberry is working hard to make Filmm the best video editing app ever.

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