Get Your Project Done at a Single Location

Since 2010 we have used our experience and knowledge in more than 160 commercial international projects amounting to more than 68 000 hours worked. We help our clients develop valuable and highly monetizable apps in the USA, the Russian Federation, Australia and the EU. 70 million users worldwide have our apps on their mobile devices
With Rosberry your project will be properly organized, communication tuned up and the app taken care of by 25 in-house professionals
Rosberry Will Be Your Central Source of Truth
We have all been there: working with some companies comes with a lot of rules which lack transparency and lead to lots of disappointment and frustration. We want you to enjoy simple interactions with us sharing some basic principles:
1. Honest communication — no fine print or talking round the corners
2. Open doors — we have nothing to hide, come to visit us any time
3. Close collaboration — you and us are one team delivering one product
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With Rosberry You Will Not Have Your Project Scattered Around

We will:
  • Study your mobile app idea and come back to you with the findings as to its feasibility

  • Reach out to you with the budget and timeline with milestones and man hours specified

  • Write an iOS/Android app project specification for you and us to understand the scope
  • Design your app (UX/UI) following Apple/Google guidelines to make the app user-friendly

  • Will create a fit-for-purpose logo, a pitch deck, design a landing page and a mailing campaign to promote your app
  • Code your app (Objective-C/Swift/Java) in a clean and understandable way to make it bug-free and usable

  • Develop a server-side which would be scalable in case of user traffic increase (PHP, MySQL, PostgresQL/AWS)

  • Ensure quality to make your mobile app functional, consistent and admirable
  • Help you make your mobile app marketable and monetizable for you to increase the ROI

  • Submit your iOS/Android app to App Store or Google Play or both following the stores' requirements

  • Maintain and update your iOS/Android app under a separate negotiated contract

  • Make your interaction with us easy ensuring that we provide our support in good English

  • Do everything in-house without outsourcing any of the tasks

  • Comply with the confidentiality requirements set forth in the NDA signed
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What Will You Do Within the Project Yourself?
We are professionals, so it's our absolute responsibility to do the most of the job. Yet, nobody knows your idea or current business better than you do. So, to make the project a total success, we will need your knowledge shared and time invested
They Say Control and Regular
Interactions Really Matter
You will be a part of the team to have daily chats with us to check the project progress
You will get free access to the team collaboration software to discuss pending issues
Time Tracking
You will always know how many hours each of our developers involved spends as you will be signed up to a time tracking software
Talk to CEO
Our CEO and the customer support will be always available to discuss your needs and expectations
How Much Will the Whole Project Cost?
Let's get it straight - everything depends on what you want to have as an outcome. We will help you invest into the development reasonably without wasting your time and money! And when your app goes gangbusters we will be beside to complement it with even more features and perks
You Think Your Unique Idea Needs Protection Before We Start? Send Us Your NDA or Use Ours
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We Know Our Strengths and Weaknesses but Our Clients Know Us Even Better
We've had many projects with them over the course of the past 3 years. They were responsible for developing a suite of mobile apps. Our apps have gotten over 55 million downloads. Rosberry helped us achieve that. We've become quite close with them over time. We have visited each other's offices and become great friends. That type of relationship with a development firm is rare
CEO, Video & Photo App Company
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They were very precise. I never had to worry about the milestones or schedules. Rosberry kept me informed before I even asked. I do project management as a profession. It's lovely to have people who run as precise as I do, if not better. No, seriously, this team is gold. I wish I had more jobs so I could keep them [Rosberry] employed nonstop
Director, SkipQs
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There are multiple things which make them stand out as compared to other companies. They have the willingness and eagerness to take on unique and challenging projects in order to stretch and grow the strengths of the team. They not only take in these projects but also execute them properly. Their CEO makes sure that the clients get proper attention and that they do not face any problem.
CEO, Photo Editing Mobile Application
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Rosberry worked on my fitness app from start to finish for the last 13 months. They were extremely professional and were able to tackle all of the complexities that the job required. Importantly, they worked closely with me so that all of my expectations were built into the app. And, when needed, they provided extremely valuable advice even if it conflicted with what I thought was the best route...most of the time, they were spot on, which resulted in an amazing app that came out way better than expected. I would work with them again (and plan to) and look forward to it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Skype at ericende. I would love to provide any additional feedback.
Eric J. Ende, MD, ACSM-CPT, Co-founder
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